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Michelle Polchow

Professional position incorporating MLS degree in library and information science field incorporating web and database design background.  Desire a dynamic, creative environment with focus to meet complex user information needs through innovative technology, maximize controlled vocabularies to tap into established metadata communities for successful sharing, harvesting and data push out. Instructional outreach to foster lifelong learning. Marketing emphasis on social media, usability testing and instructional outreach. Speciality in academic, federal and art/museum libraries.

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M.S. Library Science
October 2010
Catholic University of America
With honors.


Web Design Manager Certificate
Spring 2008
Northern Virginia Community College
GPA 4.0/4.0


Web Design Specialist Certificate
Spring 2008
Northern Virginia Community College
GPA 4.0/4.0


B.A. in Speech Communication

Drake University
GPA College 3.4/4.0; High School 3.9/4.0


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Library and Information Science
- Broad experience with databases and web-based technology.

- Platforms include Horizon, Library World, LibraryThing and Serials Solutions.

- Tools include OCLC Connexion, Catalogers Desktop, and MarcEdit.

- Proven aptitude for web user interface design, testing and accessibility.
- Experience with metadata, controlled vocabularies, indexing and cataloging.
- Delivery of instructional services including course design and teaching.

- Knowledge of learning management systems including Blackboard and Sakai.

- Tutorial construction using PowerPoint, Flash, Camtasia, and HTML.

- Research using electronic resources, search queries and Boolean logic.

- Indexing using Cindex software for professional publishing services.

- Metadata knowledge including MarcEdit; MARC, METS, MODS, EAD, TEI, & DC.

- Cataloging AACR2, MARC, DDC, LCC, LCSH and RDA.

- Thesari includes AAT, MeSH, GNIS and CCO.

- Metadata harvesting using OAI-PMH.

- Understand intellectual property and copyright issues in librarianship.

Web Design & Computer Skills
HTML5, XML, CSS. RSS and javaScript
Content Management Systems; Dreamweaver, Topaz
Flash, Adobe Creative Suite (Audio, multimedia & images)
Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, Powerpoint, Publisher

SQL database query

Windows and MacIntosh platforms
Digital scanning and Adobe Reader PDF
Web 2.0 includings:

blogs, iframes, wikis, Facebook, LinkedIn, LibraryThing, Delicious, and Flickr

Web page and web site design and construction.

HTML digital newsletter production and RSS feeds.

Author of book, magazine articles, directories, surveys and blog

Seminar brochures, public relations press releases, and program materials.

Contractual agreements for hotels, travel, special events and speakers.

Written materials requiring translation for international communication.

Marketing and Management

Establish social media presence using LinkedIn, Facebook and Flickr

Responsible for development, monitoring and projection of seminars budgets.

Develop marketing lists for seminar and created targeted brochures.

On-site management of hotel staff and other event service providers.

Information Management

Catalog digital music collection using museum archives database, SQL.
Catalog bibliographic materials using Horizon and Library World.
Indexing using Cindex.

Design and implement software for citywide hotel reservation system.
Microsoft Access software course knowledge.

Meeting, Event and Exhibition Management

Negotiate hotel and vendor contracts.

Organize seminars, annual conference and international study tours.

Arrange special protocol for secret service and international dignitaries.

Coordinate logistics with coworkers, convention bureaus, and mayors' offices.

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U.S. News & World Report
Washington, D.C.
Content Services Librarian
January 2011-present

Acquire, develop and maintain the library’s collection of digital assets including e-journal, monographs and online resources.  Coordinate and apply metadata standards, incorporating HTML and XML, but also extend and develop strategies for metadata interoperability.  Create descriptive metadata for formats including digital text, print, photographs, graphics and video. Design structural metadata schemas for e-reader content, periodicals, born-digital content and monographs.


Manage daily asset collection, monitor acquisitions, update and troubleshoot the digital content management system through cataloging, classifying, and delivering the library’s daily digital content.  Apply quality check process to individual items as well as maintain an accurate record of holdings.   Adapt work methods to accommodate new project design and data structures.   Maintain archive with corrections and updates as needed.   Additionally, support the different publishing department by responding to requests to repackage assets in different metadata schemas and digitally deliver documents, as well as periodically respond to requests to implement new interoperable exchanges. 


Verify contributors copyright status, collect new writers’ contracts, assess documentation and apply bibliographic control standards for identify disambiguation.  Respond to information requests pertaining to copyright, including reprint permissions, copyright ownership, and licensing agreements. 


Respond to information requests by performing literature searches in computerized databases applying knowledge of subject-heading structure and logic of search information.  Requests may require difficult and comprehensive searches for information through the use of primary and secondary sources, both current and retrospective.  The process incorporates identification, examination and evaluation of reference tools using a wide variety of electronic resources.   Work is performed in collaboration with the Editor-in-Chief, Fact-Checking, Permissions, Legal Counsel, Reader Services and Data Research departments, and typically requires fast-paced deadlines.  Search and retrieval services include document identification, analysis, compilation, organization, use of a variety of computer document formats, and document delivery.  Reference requests can also include assistance with special data collection projects, as well as ongoing support for projects requiring library asset monitoring and reporting to editor for review and processing for Google News feature “Editor’s Picks.”


Provide demonstration of library reference tools and online resources.  Update training documentation. Organize and develop corporate archive collection. Construct daily web analytic reports to support the organization, analyze results and publish findings to web site.



Arthur D. Jenkins Library of Textile Arts
The Textile Museum
Washington, D.C.
Reference and Cataloging Assistant
September 2009- October 2011

Answer public inquires and fulfill requests from closed stacks.  Conduct copy and original cataloging of new acquisitions, assign call numbers, use internal classification scheme, assign Library of Congress Subject Headings, export MARC records from OCLC and import records into the Library’s database; create original MARC records when needed, modify imported records as needed and prepare items for circulation with shelf labels and affix security tags.  Use library automation system for serials and monograph gift acquisitions.  Prepare items for circulation with shelf labels, bar coding and security tags. Index serials including assigning Library of Congress Subject Headings and inputting articles into Library database. Create curatorial literature updates.   


Tested new integrated library system, Library World 2.0, motivated by need for cost effective online catalog. Analysis evaluated museum needs, user needs, library resources, and performance of Web 2.0 product. System modifies standard library practice through new resource discovery platform and expands serials cataloging capabilities.


Computer proficiencies include Sirsidynix Horizon integrated library system database, OCLC Connexion, Library World Web 2.0 integrated library system database, Microsoft Office Excel and Word.


United States Geological Survey Library
Reston, Virginia

Reference Services Student Practicum
April - August 2010

Provided reference assistance in federal library offering guidance and access to information resources for USGS scientists and general public. Familiar with internal and collaborative external library resources. Responded to instructional opportunities to assist with public access catalog and databases including Jstor, GeoRef, Web of Science, ProQuest Historical Newspapers, and OCLC WorldCat, locating information of a specialized or technical nature. Familiar with inter-library loan, circulation, and document delivery workflow process built on a shared electronic mail and file system. Searched integrated library system. Knowledgeable about the collection development process to meet research requirements of end-users.

Performed extensive assessment of services, reviewing institutional literature and interviewed staff with reference services, interlibrary-loan, document delivery, cataloging, digital library services and collection development. Analyzed, evaluated and wrote report recommending modifications to the current standards including collection development plan, reference services training needs, electronic reference tool suggestions, map literacy program proposal, preservation planning issues, process concerns with resource sharing, and tutorial suggestions for resource access. Composed, edited and proofread document for publication. Report is under peer review, with planned submission to professional journal.

Created reference tutorial “Federated Search for US Geological Survey Desktop Digital Library,” for end-users. Analysis included editing and manipulating data in Excel. Designed tutorial using PowerPoint.

Computer proficiencies include Sirsidynix Horizon integrated library system database and Microsoft Office PowerPoint, Excel, MS Office, Adobe Captivate, and SerialsSolutions.


School of Library & Information Science
Catholic University of America

Washington, D.C.
Web Content Manager
September 2008- August 2010

Manage content projects for school web site.  Responsible for centralized coordination, prioritizing projects and establishing resources for the dean, students, faculty, prospective students, alumni, adjunct faculty and the university. Represented the school in university web technology initiatives. Gather data and generate web site reports, analyze statistics, fulfill accessibility compliance and oversee site maintenance. Identify and lead special projects including enhanced use of new technologies such as Flickr, site index, mashups, and Google Analytics. Coordinated site development at technology level, request changes to cascading style sheet (CSS), and execute projects within confines of content management system, maintaining ongoing relationship with technology department.


2009, special project responsible for converting school’s web site to a new university-wide design and content-management system. First university school to undergo transition and debugging required exhaustive attention to detail to achieve successful synchronization. Wrote correspondence identifying problems and suggested recommendations for improvement based on heuristic standards and usability principals. University implemented suggestions for entire campus.

Serve on school’s Technology Committee with dean, faculty members and computer lab manager. Determined hardware, software and training needs to provide state-of-the-art learning opportunities, tools for research exploration and remedial skill development. Committee’s remedial skill development includes policy for student expectations, skill assessment tools, determine supplemental instructional workshops, create awareness campaign, and redesign orientation materials. Responsible for school’s blended-learning initiatives, investigate options as both an integrated approach with university learning management systems (BlackBoard and Sakai) and supplemental instructional tools for faculty (TechSmith Camtasia/SnagIt and Adobe Captivate). Committee goal for Summer 2010 is to select and develop interactive classroom technology system (Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro, Elluminate, Saba Centra, WebEx or Wimba). Criteria incorporated needs analysis, cost feasibility, product features, testing results, university compatibility and pedagogically consistent with learning goals.

Lead for collaborative project with professor, providing mentorship to graduate students developing course web design project. Card sort usability test groundwork included process design, materials creation and presentation preparation. At event, deliver presentation to class, monitor the exercise, collect and analyze resulting data, and six weeks later attend student improvement project presentations. Presentation of course findings and recommendations provided to faculty and administration for consideration and approval for incorporation into school web site.

Computer proficiencies include HTML, javaScript, iframes, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, PowerMapper, Web Accessibility Inspector, Google Analytics, Excel, PowerPoint, and Smart Draw.

School of Library & Information Science
Catholic University of America

Washington, D.C.
Research Assistant
September 2009- August 2010


Conducted extensive literature searches using Aquabrowser Public Access Catalog, involving print, electronic database and open web resources. In-depth research using subscription electronic resources with prepared search queries and Boolean logic. Established searches in specialized disciplines and prepared bibliographies for end-users. Extensive use of wikis to communicate and manage projects. Gathered, compiled, sorted and calculated data to create reports, tables, charts and graphic presentations. Used internet browser for searching, MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Composed, copy edited and proofread materials for distribution and presentations.

Computer proficiencies include MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Refworks, Zotero, and electronic database search skills.


Jinny Beyer Studio
Great Falls, Virginia
Studio Associate, Teacher
April 2004-present


Proposed new design and reorganization of web site for Jinny Beyer Studio. Recommendations were accepted and assisted web development company in revision, testing and installation of new site. Sales volume increased 45 percent within three months.

Managed e-commerce department for textile and pattern design company, includes large international client base, wholesale business products and operates in conjunction with one retail shop. Maintained customer database, two shipping databases and off-site inventory management, as well as responsible for web promotions and new product introduction. Responsible for on-going customer service, technical assistance support, database maintenance, information backups, and telephone and e-mail communication.


Created new projects to highlight new fabric lines, design instructional materials and taught classes for studio. Assisted with customers' textile design projects, yardage calculations, swatch service and provided consultation on technical design construction.

Catalog and cross reference manuscript materials in preparation for publication of employer's book. Database contains over 4,000 historic quilt patterns, including original publishing sources, geometric property classification, tracing original name and identifying historic significance of naming variations.

Smithsonian Global Sound

Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Washington, D.C.
Technical Web Intern, August 2007-December 2007

Joined production staff of digital download service. Received valuable training as web developer and digital media expert. Produced digital newsletter, prepared RSS for podcasts, constructed web pages including audio digitization, content publication, database cataloging and podcast creation. Assisted with redesign for Smithsonian Folkways Recordings. Software experience included Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat, Macromedia Flash, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL 2005, Microsoft Excel, as well as specialized media management tools. Exposed to programming languages including XHTML, ASP.Net, Visual C#.Net, javaScript and SQL.


The Textile Museum
Washington, D.C.
Web Design Intern, August 2007-December 2007

Developed new site design for museum's current exhibitions using existing Dreamweaver templates. Produced web site project for special family education event including photographing images, designing featur web page and Flash movie. Implemented web mapping tools to construct site map and evaluate the current architecture. Reviewed major web site project "International Partnerships Among Museums," to analyze hyperlink construction, content organization and conversion of linear manuscript to hypertext format.


National Conference of State Legislatures
Denver, Colorado and Washington, D.C.

-Legislative Research Assistant,

-National Meeting Coordinator

-Annual Meeting Housing Coordinator

-International Programs Coordinator
September 1984-October 1991

Design database and user interface for citywide hotel registration system.  Create and manage system for over 4,500 attendees and 18,750 room nights.  


Organized 20 seminars annually including trainings, conferences and international study tours held in over 40 states, Canada, Germany, Japan, Europe, Taiwan, Central America and South America. Responsibilities included budgeting, marketing, program development, contract negotiation, language translation, travel, tour, hotel and special event management.


Conducted legislative health care research, maintained information center resources, responded to information requests, assisted with grant proposals and event underwriting needs.  Published author of book, magazine articles, directories, surveys, brochures and press releases.

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Professional Activities

Special Libraries Association
Community Outreach Committee member, Washington, DC, 2010-present. President, Student Chapter, Catholic University of America, 2009-2010.
Web Master, Student Chapter, Catholic University of America, 2008-2009. Attended SLA National Conference in Washington, D.C., June 2009.

American Libraries Association
Library & Information Technology Association
Association of College & Research Libraries
Federal & Armed Forces Round Table

Virginia Library Association
Association of College & Research Libraries

Attended annual conference October 2010.

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Other Activities

Girl Scout Council of the Nation’s Capital
Senior Girl Scout Troop Advisor, May 2004-June 2010
Comply with registration, financial reporting, safety guidelines and program requirements at regional, national and international levels.  International trip leader duties include advising girls on fundraising, travel planning, budget, cultural education, travel preparation and safety compliance.  Supervise group in Europe for 10 day trip. Mentored Girl Scouts through graduating levels of leadership projects resulting in over 600 hours of community service merit.


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