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About Library Science Course 555

This is a portfolio of my class projects. Competencies are acquired in "Information Systems in Libraries and Information Centers," a class requirement for the Masters Degree in Library and Information Science, Catholic University of America.

Team Project
Team Project

Mullen Library at Catholic University provided the setting for a group project. The project focused on how well the library met the physical information needs of the user when inside the facility. The group interviewed staff, explored new technology solutions and offered a detailed analysis and recommendations. The director of the library incorporated many of the report's suggestions into the library's current website.


Web site evaluation and redesign

Comparison of web site resources designed for middle school students provided an opportunity to analyze both positive and negative heuristics. The exercise deliverable was required to be in a web page format to provide all students basic HTML skill development.

The Digital Archives at Catholic University of America had created a database with an extensively indexed collection of comic books spanning many years of publication. However, the user interface was poorly labeled, the information was written for an audience familiar with the materials and used formalized archival terminology.

The data flow diagram exercise provided an opportunity to analyze systems based on workflow, process, and systems, eliminating the human intervention element. The analysis is effective in appropriately identifying a current system. Business decisions can be made to modify, adapt, redesign, replace or eliminate any process found inefficient, outdated, or costly.


Basic HTML Exercises

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