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Library Science Papers & Presentations

These are the courses I have taken in the process of earning my master's of library science (MLS) degree. The paper and presentation topics represent major assignments and are not inclusive of all coursework. My anticipated graduation is summer 2010.

Catholic University of America
School of Library & Information Science


CUA Course Number

Course Name





LSC 551

Organization of Information

Fall 2008

bulletCard catalog analysis over time
bulletThesaurus project / group of three
bulletOrganization plan for personal textitle materials:books, serials, patterns, VHS instructional cassettes, software, class participant handouts and pattern materials from teachers, and pamphlet materials and instructions that come with special notions
bulletThe librarian and metadata: literature review

LSC 553

Information Sources & Services

Fall 2009

bulletField Study at the reference desk:
Himmelfarb Health Sciences Library, George Washington University Medical Center
bulletReference Interview skills: a role playing analysis

bulletReference sources: evaluation and analysis of encyclopedias

bulletSearch Strategies and Research Guide for Library Literature: A comparative database design analysis of EBSCO’s Library, Information Science & Technology Abstract (LISTA) and H.W. WilsonWeb’s Library Literature & Information Science Full Text.

LSC 555

Systems in Libraries & Information Centers

Fall 2008

bulletCourse resume web presentation delivered as final project


Libraries & Information in Society

Spring 2009


bulletRanganathan’s Mark on Library Science


bulletInformation Institution Site Visit: The American Folklife Center /group paper and presentation of six students


bulletAcademic Libraries Positioned for Innovation / Twenty page paper examining innovative change


LSC 606

Cataloging & Classification

Spring 2010

bullet Executive report and presentation-reflect and report on current status of RDA
bulletTerm project: catalog material and reflect on implications for user

LSC 607


Fall 2009

bulletManagement style and self-introspection analysis
bulletStrategic plan for art museum libraries: presentation
bulletRural Library: Create from demographic analysis, mission statement, government regulations, staffing, budget, collections, services, to marketing / group paper and presentation of 5 students

LSC 716

Index, Abstract & Thesaurus

Spring 2010

bulletCreate standard index for Stop aging now by Jean Carper (Cindex software)

LSC 818

Special Libraries

Summer 2010

bulletSpecial libraries association conference project report
bulletSite visit interview project at Newseum Library

LSC 877A

User Interface Design

Spring 2009



bulletScenarios, requirements, and conceptual design for a Wiki LMS

bulletPrototype for Learning Management System built on Wiki platform

bulletFinal project was reviewed by faculty from CUA and St. Catherine University revisions were delivered to the clients.

Group project of three students.

bulletUsability testing report comparing Blackboard and Sakai performed by CUA nursing faculty / team of two students conducted test
bulletUsability evaluation analysis and client report for web sites

LSC 884

Intellectual Property Institute

Summer 2009

bulletA view of open access models: paper and presentation
bulletCopyright leverage for academic Web sites

LSC 906

Proposed Practicum at US Geological Survey

Summer 2010


LSC 877B

Metadata and Project Management

Summer 2010


LSC 598

Comprehensive Exam

Summer 2010

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