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Designer Bags

Border print fabrics add designer touch
My bags incorporate border print fabrics, creating a distinctive fashion statement and making it a one of a kind design.  This unique fabric creates a project with special features that are both beautiful and practical.

Border print fabric –what is it and where do you find it?Sommerset Border

  • Unique striped fabric with patterns of varying widths;
  • Supplied by select fabric or quilt shops, but not always easy to find;
  • Fabric stores- traditional brick and mortar locations;
  • Virtual stores that provide mail order delivery;
  • Often coordinating fabrics are offered with each border print.

paisley bag

The Paisley Bag
I selected a pattern that looks compact on the outside, but opens to backpack size proportions on the inside.  I incorporated border print fabric in the handles, the tops of the exterior pockets and three of the seven interior pockets.  Because the bag has 10 pockets totalinside of paisley bag, the border print helps identify the different compartments.  This is a great travel bag with room to take along a water bottle, cell phone, and even a secret pocket.   I also modified original pattern dimensions as necessary to customize the border print measurements. 


Teal Bag

Teal Bag
This little tote bag is only 8 inches high and nine inches wide. Although it is small enough for a child’s use, the border print handles provide a more elegant flair.  The fabrics were easy to select as they were designed as a collection to go together for quilt making.  They coordinated quite well for this bag.  The yardage requirement is increased with the use of the border print.  I did not faithfully follow the border width, but let the pattern dictate the width.  The end result did not use the border print to its fullest beauty.  This was my first bag using this technique.


Fushia Bag

Fuchsia Bag
I was commissioned to design a bag for the quilt shop where I work.  The selected fabric and the pattern differed greatly in measurements.  As the pattern name implies, it is an itty bitty bag and the wider border print handles ended up overwhelming the little purse.  To compensate, my daughter and I came up with the solution to double fold the handles where they leave the bag. 

Pattern resources: border print cut

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