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Heirloom Sewing

Heirloom sewing was added to my repertoire of skills shortly after the birth of my daughter. I began this journey by taking a smocking class. The instructor specialized in embellishing techniques which originated with the Victorian and Edwardian period of fashion design. I really enjoy the handwork and here are the results of a few of my projects.

pink dress

Pink dress
This cotton batiste dress is smocked with matching pink embroidery floss.  The white organdy collar and inserts in the skirt are embellished with silk ribbon embroidery and lace.  The lace insertion at the edge of the sleeves is threaded with coordinating silk ribbon to gather and tie in place. collar detail

hem detail

    My daugher Sarah, age 4

Small World Dress

Small World Dress
This dress has a special yoke made with a technique called paper piecing. The pattern design is a series of girls which have facial features and hair embroidered onto the fabric base.  The dress itself is accented with a Upclose yoke small world dresspiped peter pan collar and short gathered sleeves. 



    My daugher Sarah, age 6


Ballet Dress

Ballet Gown
This doll sized ballet costume is made of lavender taffeta, with silk ribbon embroidery and pearl accents.  Full white organza sleeves are edged in delicate white lace.  The full tulle skirt is topped with a taffeta peplum. 






The Victorian doll sized cape is made of black velvet and has a hood and matching muff.  The capelet shoulders and muff are embellished with burgundy silk ribbon embroidery and beads.  A wide black silk ribbon edging is gathered to the edges of the capelet, hood and muff.



Sources of inspiration include:

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