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Collage of my quiltsAfter college I made a few quilts as gifts and a bed quilt for my first home.

I was introduced to the techniques of quilting in high school and completed a pillow.

Four years ago I started working for Jinny Beyer, a well known designer of quilts, quilt fabrics, author of many quilting books and internationally acclaimed teacher. The inspiration Jinny provides with her brilliant designs and beautiful fabrics has dramatically changed my quilting style, as displayed below on this web page.

Quilting is currently a thriving modern phenomena.  In a recently released book, The Quilter’s Catalog, written by former Wall Street Journal writer Meg Cox, she estimates that in the United States alone there are 27.7 million participants in this renaissance.  Quilters now use modern technology and economic clout to contribute an estimated $3.3 billion dollars annually to the nation’s economy.

My first quilt

My first quilt
This project was my first bed sized quilt.  The block is called Mexican Star.  There are five different shaped pieces and each block has a total of 33 pieces.  I hand cut each piece of fabric and machine stitched the pieces together.  I added the lattice border strips to set the blocks for finishing. The quilt is tied using wool yarn.


Wedding Quilt gift

Wedding quilt for my brother and his bride
The double pinwheel block pattern was made with a technique inspired by Eleanor Burns.  She developed a cutting system and an assembly line method of sewing that allows quilts to be completed with incredibly rapid speed.  She calls her method, Quilt in A Day.  Although it took several days to make this king size quilt, I did complete it before the newlyweds’ first anniversary, as is proper quilt etiquette.



Fall quilt

Fall is in the air
I love the change of season from hot and humid August into crisp mornings of fall.  This wall hanging design is my own creation.  I used a border print fabric and reconfigured triangles into square blocks.  The block concept is inspired by border techniques from Jinny Beyer. This quilt measures about 40 inches by 40 inches.


Daisies quilt

Daffodil Daisies
I wanted to make a quilt for my daughter after she painted her room a deep blue and then used a feather duster to sprinkle daffodil yellow bursts of color across the walls.  I saw Jan Mullen’s pattern for Daiziez and liked the carefree style.  I reconfigured the layout, enlarged the size and designed the outer border.


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